The Stone

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The Philosopher's Stone as the Diamond Body: Sacred Geometry Solid State Mandala


I wrote The Diamond Body from my own insights linking the geometry of the Tree of Life with the Synergetics of Buckminster Fuller, long before the craze for Merkabah mysticism, the Flower of Life, Star Tetrahedron and other "branded" forms of sacred geometry. I was happy to see others came on the same notion through different means, including the Meru Foundation.

This was the beginning of my interest in the physics of Zero Point potentials and their relation to reports of mystics throughout the ages. When they look deeply with, the secrets of atomic and subatomic structure were visible.

Fuller's geometrical description of the Vector Equilibrium Matrix echoes kabbalistic ones of The Cube of Space and echoes the crystalline nature of The Philosopher's Stone. This model is rooted in the actual atomic structure of the diamond, and is more than a metaphor.

The Stone, as described here, embodies the deep nature of reality and is the root of all dynamic form with holographic and resonance properties. It is a portal for the dynamic expression of the unified scalar field that is the universal groundstate of all being. It is the treasure house of implicate order, the virtual building blocks of the universe, and the radiant Mother Luminosity. 

Diamond Body geometry is the root of the Tree of Life. Thousands of years ago, mystics peered within and saw the actual structure of atomic elements, thus demonstrating their clarity of vision.

Whether or not it meets your own criteria for the Stone is up to you, but it is certainly a viable candidate embodying negentropic potential -- it is a free energy dynamo creating something from Nothing. The trick, naturally, is how to fully embody that which you already are. Make the experiment and see for yourself.

Naturally, I could articulate this far more clearly now and have at and but the 2 Diamond Body sites still contain insights the others do not pursue.

Buckminster Fuller & the Qabala is a good introduction to the specfic geometry, while The Diamond Body describes its meditational use.


THE DIAMOND BODY is a contemporary meditation technique from secret practices with over 4,000 years of mystical tradition.  The oldest-known practice of this technique of meditation was known as Merkabah Mysticism, allegedly developed by the Jewish Patriarch, Abraham.  It is a regeneration meditation for immortality.

THE DIAMOND BODY is examined from perspectives in Jungian psychology, from definitions in physics and Jewish mysticism.  This is then synthesized into the framework of Magick.  There is an inherent spiritual aspect of matter, found in the nature of order and synchronous events.  This spiritual aspect is explored through the philosophical concepts known as the Philosopher's Stone

A geometrical image is developed from solid state physics, corresponding to both the Jewish mystical traditions and current concepts in Imaginal psychology.  A mathematical model is generated to assist the development of anima consciousness via a visualization exercise of the diamond body.  A resonance occurs between specific internal-state functions and the "outside."  These resonance relationships are discussed and specific models are given to aid visualization and resonance.

The use of these geometrical forms as Magickal tools offers intriguing possibilities.  They allow experimental interaction with archetypes of God-forms.  They also grant access to those specific altered states where one experiences the eternal aspect of sacred time:  A consciousness of immortality.  THE DIAMOND BODY as an exercise is a meditation form of the future.

This practice of meditation develops a common ground, uniting psyche with matter.  Through the stabilization and equilibrium fostered in the aspirant during mediation sessions, the individual is brought into increased harmony with the environment.  More important, a "repair function" is now available, one able to reverse those entropic functions related to libido.

THE DIAMOND BODY is a breakthrough in meditation techniques, something for the 21-Century.   Steeped in mystery, the Merkabah Chariot of Sepher-Yetzirah, the BOOK OF FORMATION is also Ezekiel's vision:  the Cube of Space.  For the first time, a contemporary description of THE DIAMOND BODY is formulated using synergetics, cognitive sciences, phsycis, and metaphysics.  Physical and psychological anologs are offered to reveal the timeless experience available through visualizing the true Philosopher's Stone.

Alchemists strove for total union of opposites in symbolic form.  This may be viewed metaphorically as the Vector Equilibrium Matrix.  This union was characterized as material and spiritual, living as well as inert, masculine/feminine, young/old, and morally neutral.

This state is created through interaction of man and God.  It is the re-union of the spirit and the body, which takes place in the retort, or vessel.  The transformation culminates in the Chymical Marriage.  Insights gained should be made real.  The value of the Stone remains latent if it is not properly applied.

Both the soul and Mercurius were considered to be round in alchemy.  Remember, the Diamond Body matrix represents 12 around 1 closest-packed-spheres.  Jung states that "In alchemy Mercurius is the rotundum, par excellence."  Mercurius represents totality and wholeness.  Gerhard Dorn, seventeenth century alchemist, called Mercurius "the true hermaphroditic Adam and microcosm."  Mercurius is thus seen as androgynous.

Mercurius, as the anima mundi, is inherent in all things in a latent state.  The anima mundi is the feminine component of Mercurius.  The conjunction is not always a direct union.   The soul mediates between body and spirit, through the medium of Mercurius.  Jung elaborates on his nature in Mysterium Coniunctionis:

In my special study of the subject I have pointed out that outwardly Mercurius corresponds to quicksilver but inwardly he is a "deus terrenus" and an anima mundi--in other words, that part of God which, when he "imagined" the world, was as it were left behind in his Creation or, like the Sophia of the Gnostics, got lost in Physis.  Mercurius has the character which Dorn ascribes to the soul.  He is "good with the good, evil with the evil," and thus occupies a middle position morally...In a psychological sense Mercurius represents the unconscious, for this is to all apearances that "spirit" which comes closest to organic matter and has all the paradoxical qualities attributed to Mercurius.(2)

We can summarize the various qualities of Mercurius as the Philospher's Stone.  These key descriptors must be satisfied by our contemporary model of the Stone.  The lapis is a double thing formed of the union or coniunctio of opposites.  It is:

 1. called the androgyne and immortal child.

 2. the unchangeable quality of the union of spirit and matter.

 3. a rotundum, or round thing.

 4. central circle, which is stone, gem, and yet not (naught).

 5. composed of body and soul united to form a spirit.

 6. Mercurius, a living being; the product of an act of fertilization.

 7. fathered by the sun; mother is the moon.

 8. a babe, stone, or pearl.

 9. the mystical marriage: alchemist and his wife/soror mystica; wise man and prophetess; great mother and magician.  Coniunctio.

 10. able to multiply itself indefinitely (i.e. its geometry is expandable or contractable).


IT WAS A MINERAL SUBSTANCE, dense and opaque, it was melted and became transparent glass and then became much finer glass. And then this latter had been subjected for the first time to fusion and projection of the white Elixir, it became incandscent crystal. It was fused a second time and the Elixir was projected on it, it became diamond. Place it on an anvil, strike it with a hammer, it will dent the anvil and the hammer but it will not break. Strike it with a piece of lead and it will break into cubiform fragments.

This is the true sign that it really is diamond, but if it has become diamond it is also a sign that the diamond was hidden in the essential depths of the mineral substance, because, in fact, the composition of the latter is the result of two well-known principles, mercury and sulphur, according to what is established in physics.

And this diamond, separated from the crystal, this crystal separated from the glass, this glass separated from its mineral opacity, is homologous to the 'Resurrection Body' of the faithful believer in the Paradise of the future Aeon (that is to say jism B, the essential archetypal body, the corpus supra coeleste, the 'diamond body'). ~ Shaikh Ahmad Ahsa'i (Article IX, Spiritual Body & Celestial Earth, Henry Corbin).