The Stone

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The Philosopher's Stone as the Diamond Body
Solid State Meditation Mandala


The Diamond Body: Buckminster Fuller and the Qabala (Qabalah ...

The Macrocosmic Snowflake within a Vector Equilibrium grid. The Preceding Article is an excerpt from the book, The Diamond Body, by Iona Miller, c1984. ...


THE DIAMOND BODY is a contemporary meditation technique from secret practices... Click here to continue The Diamond Body. ...

The Diamond Body figure is a multidimensional mandala. It is more than a mental construct, since it is the geometrical heart of atomic structure. A mandala, in function, is essentially the same as magic circle. Mandalas have been used extensively for magically acquiring information about the rationally unknowable. They have been used not only as concentration techniques, but also as tools for parapsychological experiments.

The practical application of the Stone has enormous value. It gives breadth and depth to one's magickal practice. According to Israel Regardie,

The place of balanced power from which the working of the opposites may correctly be viewed, is the implication of Daas, [Daath]. It is shadowy and the word is used advisedly...for most have not cultivated the difficult art of avoiding the is a new factor of adaptation or equilibrium, especially between the two broad divisions of consciousness--the ego on the one hand with its desire for adjustment to modern life with its refined and non-natural conditions, and on the other hand with the superficial levels of the instinctual life, concerned with primitive things, of self-assertion, and the unbridled gratification of its every whim and caprice. It is this new factor of adjustment which comprises the principle impetus to what has been called the Golden Flower, growth of the Red Rose upon the Cross of Gold, Stone of the Philosophers, medicine of metals.



We can summarize the various qualities of Mercurius as the Philospher's Stone. These key descriptors must be satisfied by our contemporary model of the Stone. The lapis is a double thing formed of the union or coniunctio of opposites. It is:

1. called the androgyne and immortal child.

2. the unchangeable quality of the union of spirit and matter.

3. a rotundum, or round thing.

4. central circle, which is stone, gem, and yet not (naught).

5. composed of body and soul united to form a spirit.

6. Mercurius, a living being; the product of an act of fertilization.

7. fathered by the sun; mother is the moon.

8. a babe, stone, or pearl.

9. the mystical marriage: alchemist and his wife/soror mystica; wise man and prophetess; great mother and magician. Coniunctio.

10. able to multiply itself indefinitely (i.e. its geometry is expandable or contractable).


IT WAS A MINERAL SUBSTANCE, dense and opaque, it was melted and became transparent glass and then became much finer glass. And then this latter had been subjected for the first time to fusion and projection of the white Elixir, it became incandscent crystal. It was fused a second time and the Elixir was projected on it, it became diamond. Place it on an anvil, strike it with a hammer, it will dent the anvil and the hammer but it will not break. Strike it with a piece of lead and it will break into cubiform fragments.

This is the true sign that it really is diamond, but if it has become diamond it is also a sign that the diamond was hidden in the essential depths of the mineral substance, because, in fact, the composition of the latter is the result of two well-known principles, mercury and sulphur, according to what is established in physics.

And this diamond, separated from the crystal, this crystal separated from the glass, this glass separated from its mineral opacity, is homologous to the 'Resurrection Body' of the faithful believer in the Paradise of the future Aeon (that is to say jism B, the essential archetypal body, the corpus supra coeleste, the 'diamond body'). ~ Shaikh Ahmad Ahsa'i (Article IX, Spiritual Body & Celestial Earth, Henry Corbin).